Trucking Arrangement

Our trucking arrangement is only available after customs clearance has been completed and paid.

Requirements for trucking arrangement

Please send us a copy of the recipient's driver's license, as well as the delivery address and phone number through email.

Also, please specify if the delivery destination is a residential (home / house / apartment) or a business with or without and unloading dock.

Before Trucking Arrangement

If your supplier has given you an Original Bill of Lading - OBL, please sign it and send it to your US Freight Forwarder before making any trucking arrangements. All fees, including trucking expenses, warehouse fees, freight forwarder arrival notification fees, customs clearing fees, ISF filing fees, bonds fees, exam fees, and so on, must be paid in advance.

The customs clearing invoice, ISF invoice, and other relevant costs must be paid before customs clearing documents (CBP forms 7501, 3461, and DO) can be released to you.

Trucking Arrangement FAQ's

Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, get in touch is the key.

Hassle-Free Bond Application

Experiencing Hassle-Free Bond Application

If you want a hassle-free experience, let U.S. Import Bond manage your bond applications. It is your duty as an importer to:

  1. Complete the Special Power of Attorney form to authorize us to post a bond in your name.
  2. Pay the duty, taxes, and fees
  3. Give us the pertinent information and documentation required to submit a bond.
  4. Verifying that all of the documents submitted are accurate to prevent penalties.

Let U.S Import Bond do the paperwork for you.

Hassle Free Customs Bond Application