China Factory Audit Report / Credit Report / Q.C.

We are an independent quality control organization that works on your behalf to protect your company's best interests.

Factory Financial Report (Business Credit Report)

When you need legal and financial information about your potential supplier or partner, this information is gathered through the Chinese government database.

Our Business Credit Report include:

  • Financial Statement of your supplier
  • Legal status, representative, bank account
  • Registered Capital , Trade & Custom taxes
  • Liabilities , Credit rating and more


Sample of Your Factory Financial Report = $1795

Factory Location Report (Factory Audit Report)

  1. Before purchasing from any new suppliers in Asia, at your supplier's factory. Vendor Evaluation according to ISO Standards.
  2. Our audit report will provide you with complete information about your supplier's capabilities in the following areas: equipment, facility, HR, QC.
  3. Management process and traceability, management, RD capabilities, capabilities to meet your requirements.
  4. and much more.


Sample Report of Your Factory Location = $1685

Quality Control

Inspection before production: ($993.86 )

Before mass production at your supplier's factory, our experienced engineers inspect your goods following your requirements and according to ISO 2859.

  • Make sure your goods are manufactured according to your standards.
  • Prevent the occurrence of initial non-conformity as a result of miscommunication with your supplier.
  • Reduced new product launch lead time (as well as express courier fees and other related costs).

Inspection during production: ($993.86 )

When mass production is underway at your supplier factory, our experienced engineers inspect your goods in accordance with ISO 2859 specifications while they are still in the production process.

  • Obtain assurance that the product's specifications will be met.
  • Verify the accuracy of certain crucial production processes that cannot be evaluated until production is complete.

Inspection before shipment: ($993.86 )

When 80% or more of mass production has been completed at your supplier's factory, our experienced engineers inspect your goods according to your specifications.

  • Reduce any risk of goods being shipped to your clients or your warehouse.
  • Ensure that your products adhere to your specifications and drawings.
  • You can know that your products will be shipped in good condition with the right packaging.

Container Loading Inspection: ($993.86 )

A typical container loading inspection lasts one day. With container loading inspection, you will be able to make your final payment with greater confidence, knowing that your entire order has been loaded correctly and that your goods are on their way.

Project Management Services:

We could be your eyes and ears as a third-party independent in your factory and over-see your products as your factory. They will not only manufacture your goods but will also assist you with all of your requirements.

Call or E-mail us for more details

Laboratory Testing

Mechanical Testing

Use it to test the physical properties of your products. Send us your samples and test requirements. The ISO Laboratory performed the test. (Determine your product's mechanical properties).

  1. Expansion and Tensile Testing: $150 per component test.
  2. CMM Measurement: $125 / dimension.
  3. $115/dimension for a profile projector.
  4. Component hardness testing costs $150.
  5. Bending testing costs $150 per component.
  6. Laminating (peeling) test: $150 per component
  7. Test for cross-section contraction coefficient: $150 per component
  8. Roughness test: $150 per component.

Chemical Analysis

Used to determine the accurate percentage of a component contained in your product (metal, plastic, textile, etc.) and the material used. Send us your samples. ISO Laboratory performed the test.

  • Evaluate the chemical compliance of your goods according to your requirements. To determine the material used in a product.
  • Give you scientific proof and guarantee of your product's capabilities.
  • $495 (7 working days required ) (additional $150 for expedited testing)
  • The Salt Spray Test (Screw and other hardware): The Salt Spray Test is a standardized test method used to check corrosion resistance of coated samples.

Certification (ROHS) & Certification CCC

When you need to know if an electric or electronic product contains hazardous components, you can recognize six kinds of hazardous components.

  • Obtain a health and quality guarantee for your end customers.
  • Gain access to some markets. Some local authorities request a formal Certificate of Conformity.
  • Confirm that the products you are purchasing are in accordance with the Norms.
  • $650 (9 working days required ) (add $150 for express Test ) Certification CCC

Sending Samples and Questions

Send us your samples and test requirements to our China office. All tests are done by ISO Laboratory and take 5 working days.

Other specific laboratory tests are available. If you have any other enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hassle-Free Bond Application

Experiencing Hassle-Free Bond Application

If you want a hassle-free experience, let U.S. Import Bond manage your bond applications. It is your duty as an importer to:

  1. Complete the Special Power of Attorney form to authorize us to post a bond in your name.
  2. Pay the duty, taxes, and fees
  3. Give us the pertinent information and documentation required to submit a bond.
  4. Verifying that all of the documents submitted are accurate to prevent penalties.

Let U.S Import Bond do the paperwork for you.

Hassle Free Customs Bond Application