Importer Security Filing Form

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Key to file ISF is to submit / file, even if your data is incomplete, you must file 48 hours (we recommend 72 hours) before your shipment could be load onto freight vessel. You can always make the corrections and resubmit your ISF filing, 72 hours before your cargo arrives into US Port.

11 Types of Coded Transactions

CBP has programmed its system to accept 10 different ISF Transaction types. More types will be added as needed (e.g., Type 10 for OCS shipments).

  1. ISF Type / Standard: This transaction type covers the vast majority of commercial shipments. ( File Type 1 Now) $95 / $150 Late.

  2. ISF Type / Ship To: Shipments sold on the water. ISF need to update - ISF filing (File Type 2 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  3. ISF type / HHG/PE: HouseHold Goods (HHG) and personal effects (PE) shipments. No bond is required (File Type 3 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  4. ISF type / U.S. Government and U.S. Military: Only to be used for actual government or military shipments. No bond is required. (File Type 4 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  5. ISF type Diplomatic: Only to be used by foreign entities entitled to diplomatic immunity. No bond is required. (File Type 5 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  6. ISF Type Carnet: Covers shipments arriving under a carnet.  No bond is required. (File Type 6 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  7. ISF Type U.S. Goods:  Reserved for shipments containing solely U.S. Goods Returned. (File Type 7 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  8. SF Type FTZ Shipments:  Reserved for shipments going into a Foreign Trade Zone. (File Type 8 Now) $176 / $373 Late

  9. ISF Type / International Mail:  Reserved for USPS mail shipments.  No bond is required. (File Type 9 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  10. ISF Type / OCS Shipments: Reserved for shipments arriving from vessels operating over U.S. OCS point. (File Type 10 Now) $176 / $373 Late.

  11. To file your Importer Security Filing (ISF 5+2) (Schedule K code or UNLocode (U.N. Location Code) Immediate Exportation or  Transportation and Exportation, Immediate Transportation (File Type 11 Now)  $176 / $373 Late.

Our Services

ISF Filing

For ISF Filing, email your driver license and fill out service agreement, email your Continuous Bond, Single ISF Bond  and/or etc.

Entry Filing

You need to clear your shipment, 5 days before it's in United States port, email your documents arrival notice and etc.

Bonds App

It could be Single ISF Bond or Late Single ISF Filing, Single Entry Bond, Continuous Bond, Import Bond and etc.


For the merchandise imported in the United States we can arrange a Domestic Trucking for you, especially for our valued existing importers.


All importer are bound to incoterms (pre-arranged before leaving foreign port by your supplier or shipper). To understand why importer must pay, before or after or during shipping, you must review incoterms and contact the issuer of bill of lading (BL).

As importer, there are 10 party involved with 9 Vendor Payments or more:

Trucking Arrangement

  • Contact Name, Full Address, Mobile Number and Email Address
  • Photo copy of Driver's License, receiver of shipment
  • Final Destination Location (Business or Residential)?
  • Do you need a Lift gate truck to load or unload shipments?
  • Hand pallet to load or unload shipments?
  • Business with loading dock or unloading dock?