Import Bond Application

The Import Bond Application will eliminate the Single ISF Bond fees and most of the Single Entry Bond fees for the next 365 days.

This is for U.S resident applicant, if you are a non-U.S applicant or foreigner, use this non-U.S Resident form.

After Submission of this Application

You will receive a POA, App, and Invoice ($876.33) within 24 hours if your submission is pre-approved.

  1. The import bond could be active within 3-5 working days after it is received.
  2. Payment: Personal/business check or wire transfer (instructions sent with invoice); no credit cards accepted due to security concerns, please check terms and condition.
  3. Bond's are requirement by Customs/Agencies, for all Importer (ISF and Entry), Vessel/Carrier, issuer of Bill-of-Lading (BL)/ Arrival-Notice (AN) /Air-Way-Bill (AWB), Warehouse, Port/Terminal, Loader/ Unloader, Trucker and etc.
  4. Most of foreign and international shipping are handle by supplier (except our domestic), Otherwise, you maybe involved with Foreign Export department (Government, Loader and etc).
  5. Fyi: As owner of cargo, you're responsible for all import law (not your supplier, nor anyone).
  6. Fyi: Don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper) in Foreign-Country to know our Import Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Laws. For more details (click here).