Refiling a Bond

Refiling a bond is needed if the information provided by the importer or consignee, such as your Importer ID (SSN Number or Tax ID, EIN, IRS Number, or CAN Number), driver's license, address, and so on, is deceptive, incomplete, or inaccurate by one digit or letter. These are some reasons for refiling a bond.

Why do Importer need to refile ISF Bond or Entry Bond?

  1. If any violation/misleading/missing information on importation is discovered, US Customs has the authority to Confiscate/Penalize/Fines/Recall/Examine/Refiling ISF and Refiling Entry the US importer/exporter shipment(s) at any time for a period of up to 5 years. Please provide detailed descriptions of the shipment on all documents (invoice, packing list, bill-of-lading/OBL), as well as HTC/HTS Code, material used, and so on). All fees and US/International laws ( are the responsibility of importers and exporters. CBP Action Without Notification of Backdated Duty or Tax. If US Customs decides to Confiscate/Seize/Penalize/Fines/Examine/Recall your request for information, you will be notified by email/phone/mail/letter within 1–12 months (normally). Also, US Customs may contact us to relay the letter or message to you. If so, you must pay US Customs ASAP. Otherwise, US Customs/Government Agencies will/may add interest, other-fines, or blacklist you.
  2. Your supplier/factory has supplied misleading, incomplete &/or any info is off by one digit/letter, such as documents (Invoice, Packing-list, Bill-of-lading, BL, ISF Form) +HTC code +Photos-Picture-of-Import-items +if any, Fumigation-Certificate/Report + if any, Country-of-Origin (notice sample) + On all doc's, IF fabric or textile material, must have % (ie: cotton%, woven%, nylon%, etc) & HTC. code. + Photo-pictures of labels/marks/stamps, outside of the boxes/crates/shipment (if any).
  3. Your US Freight Forwarder/Carrier/Foreign Freight Forwarder/Airline submitted a false, incomplete, or incorrect ISF form/information to us/US Customs.
  4. US Customs reclassifies as subject to the following regulations: (FDA, USDA, Lacey-Act, FWS, any US government agency, ADD/CVD, Patent, and so on.)Before or after you receive your shipment,
  5. Invoice Value: incorrect, missing, incorrect by a single digit or letter, or for any other reason.
  6. At the time when US Customs is doing an examination, if the misleading, incomplete, and/or description does not fit the importation,
  7. Re-ISF-Filing could take extra working days + etc fees.
  8. The cost of a mistake, false information, missing information, or information that is off by one digit or letter was covered by you, the importer/consignee, the vendor (supplier/factory), the freight forwarder, us, anyone, and or etc.

Refiling Bond Fees

Each refiling ISF fee is $10 (if you file online) or $25 (if we file for you) plus Single Entry Bond Fees and or subject to Single Entry Bond Fees and etc. Fee (if any).

Each refiling Entry (Customs Clearing fees and US Customs fees for all shipments):

  • Application for refiling entry ($150)
  • service fee (any port in the United States) = $60
  • US Customs Duty/Tax = (If APPLICABLE) HTC/HTS/Harmonized-Tariff-Code (after second HTC/Supplier) or call/email US Customs Import Specialist Team (government/our fees).
  • Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) (.001250 X invoice amount) (only for sea shipments)
  • Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) (.003464 X invoice amount) (minimum $25, maximum $485).
  • If required by FDA, EPA/DOT, USDA, FWS, or others.
  • If x-ray inspection/intense examination/VACIS/IBET/CET/A-TCET and others: $40 exam document processing + $45 messenger submission (Government/Our Fees)
  • Service Agreement (if applicable) and Single Entry Bond Fees (if applicable) Subject-to Single Entry Bond fees (if any)/Continuous Import Bond (if any) (US Customs Requirement)
  • If you have your own continuous bond or single entry bond, please email us a copy of the bond before your entry is filed with US Customs.
  • After Customs Clearing is done & paid (check or wire only): To pickup your own shipment, you need to set up trucking, talk to your US freight forwarder, and find a warehouse or port.
    Please pay all your vendors directly (asap) to avoid $30. Fees for Reimbursement service + overnight fees. If an entry must be resubmitted.
  • The above is only for LCL shipments. If your shipment is a FULL container and goes by air, you will have to pay (Entry Filing $199 + Service fee $120 + above #3-11).