ISF Advance File (24/7)

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ISF Type 1

Standard: This transaction type covers the vast majority of commercial shipments. ($95 / $150 Late).


ISF Type 2

Should be used for shipments that have not yet been sold to a buyer in the U.S.  Typically used for commodities shipments (e.g., coffee beans, cocoa, etc.). / handling shipments sold on the water: "Sold on the Water" ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 3

USED Household Goods (HHG) and  Personal Effects (PE) Shipments: This includes shipments for returning military members, other U.S. governmental personnel and their families.  No bond is required ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 4

U.S. Government and U.S. Military:  Only to be used for actual government or military.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 5

Diplomatic Shipments: Only to be used by foreign entities/entitled to diplomatic immunity.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 6

Carnets: Covers shipments arriving under a carnet.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 7

U.S. Goods Returned:  Reserved for shipments containing solely U.S. Goods Returned.  ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 8

FTZ Shipments:  Reserved for shipments going into a Foreign Trade Zone.  ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 9

International Mail Shipments:  Reserved for USPS mail shipments.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 10

OCS Shipments: Reserved for shipments arriving from a U.S. outer continental shelf point or from vessels operating over a U.S. OCS point (e.g. rigs, derrick barges, seismic vessels). ($186 / $373 Late).

ISF Type 11

To file your Importer Security Filing (ISF 5+2) ISF 5+2 is for only: Immediate Exportation (IE)  or  Transportation and Exportation (TE) Immediate Transportation (IT)  ($186 / $373 Late).