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The majority of shipments reach their destination without damage or loss. This page contains general topics and helpful hints
concerning insurance coverage.

A. According to the International Maritime Regulations all shipments are automatically covered by a limited policy from the steamship
line of up to $500 per shipping unit (each box, carton, skid, crate, etc) with a maximum of $1450 for the entire shipment. The coverage
exists while your shipment is in possession of the steamship line. Steamship line's limited policy claims are to be directed to the
steamship line. In case of damage or loss, recipient is to initiate the claim process at the destination Country Station.

B. You may want to purchase
additional insurance through 101 Shipping inc. Rate is $3 per $100 (3% of value) of Insured Value, $50
minimum, with a deductible of $3,000. Request the insurance when booking.

101 Shipping inc provides All Risk or Free of Particular Average (FPA) coverage:

All Risk Insurance is available for commercial cargo and personal effects that are professionally packed (packed by shipping dept,
mailing store, packing agent, etc.). In case of claim the insurance carrier require confirmation that the goods were professionally
packed. Personal effects and Household Goods coverage is for total loss only. Partial damage or loss coverage is not provided for
Personal Effects and Household Goods.
If cargo is NOT professionally packed the policy will be qualified as
Free of Particular Average (FPA). Below is a comparison of the
conditions offered under each policy.
C. A detailed packing list and/or commercial invoice must be provided at time of booking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If insurance had been purchased then the amount of coverage must correspond with the total value indicated in
your Packing List and/or Commercial Invoice. If you would like to insure selected items in your shipment, then you must indicate that in
your Packing List and/or Commercial Invoice by each line item description *** COVERED BY INSURANCE ***

D. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: For regular cargo no Certificate of Insurance is necessary. If 101 shipping inc insurance had been
requested when shipment booked and all charges in our final invoice are timely paid then cargo are covered by 101 shipping inc blanket
policy. That paid invoice is the proof of 101 shipping inc insurance for your cargo.

E. TIME LIMITS AND PROCEDURES: If an insurance policy had been purchased from 101Shipping inc then in case of damage and/or
loss discovered by the consignee after delivery and after a clear receipt has been given to the carrier consignee must be reported in
writing to 101 Shipping inc within 10 days after delivery of the shipment with privilege to the carrier to make inspection of the shipment.
The claim will be forwarded to our insurance provider's home office. 101 Shipping will not be able to forward a claim report without
detailed descriptions of cargo damages. Our insurance provider's representative will contact consignee regarding procedure with the

F. DAMAGED PACKING: External damage to packaging does not qualify for a claim (e.g. torn carton). The contents inside the packing
must be damaged.

G. Please refer below for special conditions & restricted commodities. We provide insurance coverage on restricted commodities on a
per quote basis.

I. Coverage is not bound until payment has been made and a certificate of insurance has been issued.
NO trucking coverage on / NO Trucking Arrangement Coverage on / NO Claims Coverage:
NO Sea/Ocean Arrangement cover on / NO Air Arrangement coverage on:


RESTRICTED COMMODITIES / NO Guarantee of shipments on: Cellular Telephones, Plasma Screens/Flat Panel
Displays/Monitors/Etc, Commercial/Advertising Artwork or Photographs, Film or Music Negatives/Master Tapes, Models (including
architectural), Trophies, Artifacts, Transparencies/Slides, Stamps/Coin Collections, Evidence for a Trail, Fragile Articles as defined in
Policy; Watches, Furs, Fur Garments and Jewelry (other than costume); Precious/Semi-Precious Stones and Pearls; Precious Metals,
Gold and Silver Silverware; Bank Notes and All Negotiable Documents - including money and Securities; Any Non-Negotiable
Documents where customer is requesting for FACE VALUE; Perishable Goods, Radio Isotopes, Cut Flowers, Living Plants; Costumes
and Wearing Apparel; Animals/Fish/Etc (live, refrigerated, frozen or mounted); not professionally packed Household Goods and
Personal Effects as explained above; Knitting and Textile Machines; Grains, Flour, Meal, Etc. in bags or bulk; Iron and Steel Angels,
Bars Girders, Pipe, Sheets, Wire, Tinplate and Similar Ferrous Products; Motor Vehicles or Sail Boats, Motorcycles; Human Remains;
SHIPPED BY BARGE & Etc. (email us for more details)  
NOTE: They are NO Insurance for above items & 101 Shipping Inc do NOT guarantee your shipment will be in perfect conditions.    

EXCLUDED COUNTRIES & RESTRICTED GEOGRAPHIC AREA: CIS and/or Russia, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nigeria, Angola,
North Korea, Former Yugoslavia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Haiti & Etc.

SPECIAL RISK COMMODITIES -VALUE OVER $30,000: Computers and Computerized Electronic Equipment; Lasers and/or Laser
Commercial use; VCR's, Pre-Recorded Video Tapes, Radios, Projection Equipment and Screens whether for personal or Commercial
use; Non-Fragile Fine Arts (i.e. Paintings/Lithographs without GLASS).

Injury to persons;
Personal injury/infringement of rights;
Loss or damage to your property;
Loss or damage to property of others caused by inherent vice, contamination or deterioration, mysterious disappearance, voluntary
parting with property , release of cargo without receiving original shipping documents.
Use of transportation equipment and craft, including loading and unloading;
Inability or failure to pay;
Intentional acts;
Contractual obligations;
Punitive damages;
Unfair or deceptive trade practices;
Hazardous materials/pollution/contamination;
Importer/exporter of record;
Fees, charges, tariffs or debts;
Action from related companies, directors or officers;
Excluded territories (refer to the actual policy)
War and seizure;
Labor dispute and terrorism;
Wrongful release of cargo in the absence of original shipping documents.

also, CONDITIONS: All risks of physical loss or damage subject to:
Institute Cargo Clauses (A) CL252, and/or
Institute War Clauses (Cargo) CL255, and/or
Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo) CL256, and/or
Institute Radioactive Exclusion Clause CL370
Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause CL 380.
Institute Classification Clause 1.1.82.
Institute Replacement Clause CL372
Excluding Electrical and mechanical derangement unless caused by a peril insured against in respect of Electrical Goods
Automobile shipments are insured allrisk excluding loss or damage to any and all preexisting damages as well as existing scratches
marring denting and chipping are excluded from coverage.
Deductible USD 500
Radios are excluded
Coverage for autos is port to port
Only claims for insurance purchased directly from 101 Shipping inc /  will be processed. All other
claims are to be directed to the steamship line.  
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Fault or Errors in the Management of the Vessel
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Latent Defects in Hull or Machinery (if unknown to the insured)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
General Average
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Theft of Entire Shipping Package
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Non-Delivery of Entire Shipping Package
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Heavy Weather
No on #2 below ONLY
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Seawater or result of Heavy Weather
No on #2 below ONLY
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
No on #2 below ONLY
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Theft and/or Misappropriation of the ship or Cargo by the Captain or Seamen
No on #2 below ONLY
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Fresh Water
NO coverage
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Improper Stowage by the Carrier
NO coverage
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Hook Damage, Mud and Grease
NO coverage
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
NO coverage
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
NO coverage
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
NO coverage
Yes on #1 & #2 (below)
Loss Caused By or Resulting
From One of the Following Perils
(Free of Particular Average)
All Risks1
1. Although above perils are indicated as covered under "All Risks", depending upon commodity, certain commodity exclusions may apply.
2. Partial loss IS NOT covered for these perils, but TOTAL LOSS IS covered.
International Shipping Arrangement Disclaimer (IF we/ are arranging your shipment for you):
1. Refrigerated shipments/Containers, add 35% - $45% to cost. ( / 101 Shipping Inc.)                   
2. For Oversize shipment, email us picture & size of the shipment
3. For all vehicle shipments, email us picture of vehicle, year, & title/pink-slipe/note.      
4. For Dangerous shipment, email us Hazard class #  and more details
5. Most of shipping cost for
General Goods can be view at 101 Shipping Inc
6. To view Exclude from Cargo Insurance (
click here).
7. To purchase Additional Cargo Insurance (if you shipment is over $30,001), email us.      
All CBM are round of to next highest CBM   
One CBM (Cubic Metres) = 3 feet X 3 feet X 3 feet. To Calculate your own CBM (Click here). Each Pallet Max is 1,000 KG / 2,000 Pound (LB)
10. Most of shipment are palletized & Calculate with CBM (Cubic Metres) by International Sea vessel companies/Freight Forwarders.
11. Max weight: (20 feet  Max 34,000 lbs) & (40, 40 HQ & 45 feet Max 44,000 lbs ), (
click here) for details.
12. International Sea shipping arrangement is done by "
101 Shipping inc ",
13. Before your shipment could leave from Foreign Sea Port, all fees must be pre-paid
14. IF you want us to pick-up your shipment from you/factory/supplier and arrange trucking to closes sea port, it will cost extra for you/importer/exporter.
15. All Shipping fees are for international sea shipping, NOT including in-land transportation.   
16. To avoid Trucking Arrangement fees, please transport to closest to sea port or ask your factory/supplier to do FOB Port  (
click here) for more details.
17. NOT including any U.S. warehouse fees &/or Foreign warehouse fees, also,  NOT including any Foreign Customs relate issues
18. Some of fees are Excluding foreign Sea Port fees & Excluding some the U.S. Sea Port fees, please email us to confirm all the fees.
19. 101 Shipping inc Sea Shipping fees is
NOT including step 2,(US ISF filing),   step 3 (US Customs Clearing)  &  step 4 (US Trucking)  (step 2,3 & 4 is for Importer)
20. For
NO coverage on shipments of damage/breakage & NO cargo insurance coverage & NO transportation arrangement coverage (click here)
21. 101 shipping inc. could arrange it to your door step, email us your suppliers info. (name & email)  
22. US Customs (CBP) Prohibited and Restricted Items (click here)  
23. If you received a
24. Any shipment coming in to US,  Importer
MUST have Fumigation Certificate/Report from importer supplier, otherwise US Customs will issue Emergency Action
.      Notifications and ordered the importers to fumigate the containers (Fumigating an container in US could cost $100s & $1,000's & other  
.       fees & delaying your shipment being release from US Customs). For more details (click here) & (click here) & (click here)
25. As Customs Clearing Agent, Clearing Agent will be invoice you  
ISF Filing related fees  &  Customs Clearing related fees,   BUT you may be
.      also paying, US Customs Bonded Warehouse/Container Freight Station Warehouse fees (CFS Warehouse fees), Trucking
.      Arrangement fees, Ocean Fright Forwarder fees (Freight Release fee), US Sea Port fees/US Airport fees, EXAMS fees, US Customs &
.      Other Government Agencies and other private agencies fees who are involved with your shipment(s), all are SEPARATE charges.
26. IF your shipment is NOT pick-up on time/date as it stated in your Arrival Notice, you will be paying extra storage fees + it will be moved to US Customs
.      Bonded GO (General Order Warehouse) & you/importer will be paying GO fees + other extra fees.
27. 101 Shipping inc have right to refuse service(s) to anyone for any reason at anytime, anywhere, any point . (Our Website service are details of arrangement only).
28. 101 shipping inc is to arrange shipments from international port to other international port, we are NOT a expert on your products to advise import/export.
28. 101 shipping inc is to arrange shipments from international port to other international port, we are NOT a expert on your products to advise import/export.
28. All international shipping fees & port fees are assuming,
(CBP),/ (FDA) / (USDA) / (USDA) / (FWS) / (ATF) / (TTB) / (ABC) / (CPSC) / (FCC) / (DOT) / (EPA) / (TSA) & other
.      Government agency has approved your shipment to import/export.
29. If you have cargo insurance with us &  IF any Claims, all claims must be filed within 24hr from time you received your shipment, otherwise, you will NOT be able to any claims
30. IF any Claims, you must make details report with pictures & email us, and your insured company   
31. All final cost of Shipping Arrangement will be communicate by email & confirm by email.
32. All Sea & Air shipment are
AUTOMATICALLY  INSURED up-to $30,000 USD with Cargo Insurance  
33. Air & Sea Freight
INCLUDES Foreign Sea Port  &  U.S.A. Sea Port., only if you are importing in to US, All rates and fees are upfront, nothing is hidden (click here)
To AVOID Our reimbursement Service Fees (CLICK HERE).  We are NOT payment center for all your Vendors, we are here to clear you shipment with US Customs
34. For more details please view our website & Disclaimer under Shipping Arrangement Service Agreement     All our Service are arrangements only.

NOTE: Importers/Exporters are responsible for all fees, US Law(s) & International Law(s). We are NOT responsible for your warehouse fees; demurrage fees, your shipping
company (fright forwarder agent fees), any other fee &/or government agency fees & ect. Do to fact we are NOT relate it to your warehouse & your shipping company & your
trucking & any government agency
IF your cargo vessel is damage & if you are with-OUT cargo insurance, it will apply to General-Average  (click here)   &   
apply to other international Maritime law (
click here)  &  to foreign / domestic transportation.
(Consignee will be paying damage to vessel / vessel company will hold your shipment, until you have pay for damage to vessel)