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Below is ISF-Jail / ISF-Hold / Customs-Hold notice by US Customs:  ( For other holds by US Customs & etc, please view )   

ISF-Hold is usually for:  
LATE ISF Filing,  Not filing ISF,  Deleted for Non-payment,  incorrectly/misleading/missing information is given to filed your ISF, ISF was filed
incorrectly by Filer & Etc.   ONLY Consignee is responsible for all ISF filer/filing/notify-corrections, all fees, US/International Laws & etc.
1. All payment MUST received within 72 hours (3 days), to avoid Cancellations/Termination/Deletion of your ISF filing. After invoice has been issued.
2. IF your ISF filing was DELETED for Non-payement &/or for any reasons, US Customs can/will assess penalty / lien / Fines / up-to $5,000.00 per shipment
3. Re-Filing of ISF could take extra 2-5 days & Re-filing fee $45
4. IF your are up-dating ISF info, contact us ASAP.
5. If your ISF filing is showing "NO BILL MATCH", please contact your supplier/shipping company & let them know they MUST file AMS, 48 hours before your shipment
.    could leave foreign port, if NOT, US Customs can issue ISF-Hold.

Can Delay & .......
1. Over all, ISF-Hold could delay up-to 3 weeks, when your shipment is in US.
2. All ISF-Hold will lead to
exam by US Customs,  
3. Shipment will not be going to final destination as it stated at your arrival notice, until ISF is filed & ISF hold is released by US Customs.
4. Until ISF-Hold is remove by US Customs & Customs Clearing Entry is filed & you shipment is pick-up you/trucker, you will be PAYING  
Storage/diem/demurrage fees.
5. Etc.
Sample of ISF-Jail / ISF-Hold / Customs-Hold:
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